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Designer Queen Designer Queen

Game Description

 Dressing up, shopping, DIY and stories are your love? Come to play this dressing up fantasy!

  "Deaigner Queen Elle”is an aesthetic and dreamy role play game. Players are able to collect various clothes, decorations and so on. Through matching in different clothes to make your character become sexy, attractive, pure or gorgeous. With unique career system, you can experience different professions and developing-style as you wish.

  No need to download and installation!Just tap to play!


  *Diversified Costume Design

  *Rich Gameplay and Plot Games

  *Career System with Different Profession and Developing-style

  *Free Collocation Satisfies Your Obsession to Fashion

  *Dream Come True Bringing Stereoscopic Gaming Experience

  *Running You Own Clothes Store

  Designer Queen Elle officially set out,get dressed and enjoy!

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  • 1492 StudioDeveloper

  • RPGcategory

  • 7+age rating

  • Englishlanguage